Just Write 2020

During October half term the Stag Youth Theatre rehearsed and staged 11 short plays inspired by lockdown, just days ahead of a second lockdown.

11 members of the youth theatre came forward during lockdown to write short plays inspired by recent events. Many months later, after several drafts, rewrites and read-throughs we had our 11 scripts. Each play had a creepy twist to fit in with our Halloween theme - stories about isolation, mental illness and human nature. The scripts were of such high quality we've decided to make this an annual event.


"Thanks so much for this week’s SYT plays. We were so impressed with the performance. Thanks so much for all your time and efforts, they’re very lucky to be involved with SYT" - SYT Parent

"I can see the talent and the work that this all involves from your side. We see and we appreciate you. I am grateful that these young people have had this focus at this time when things are pretty rubbish for them" - SYT Parent

"I thought the performances on Saturday were excellent, and have been so happy that you and the rest of the SYT team (as well as the Stag itself) have worked so incredibly hard to keep things going under these very tough circumstances" - SYT Parent


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